Nordica research and development

Nordica continuously makes improvements in research and development through close co-operation with the best clinics and universities in the Nordic countries.

Nordica patients profit from this knowledge by getting the best possible treatment as well as the newest improvements in infertility treatment.

The continuously improved results achieved so far have been accomplished through research and development. The knowledge thus gained is shared with and actively used by our network of highly specialised gynaecologists and doctors in treating their patients. Likewise Nordica fertility centres use the same protocols, manuals and training, all made by Nordica specialists affiliated with Copenhagen University.


Nordica Quality Standards

We want you and your partner to choose Nordica when seeking fertility treatment. We know that this requires high standards of quality in treatment procedures. As a consequence Nordica continuously develops and improves our quality standards. We do this by assuring through:

  • treatment by highly specialized doctors in gynaecology, examined laboratory staff and nurses specialised in fertility treatment.
  • training of all staff at a Danish university and hospital.
  • on-the-job training at each Nordica Centre together with a Danish specialist in gynaecology.
  • all Nordica Doctors are members of their national IVF association
  • all staff are certified by a Danish Nordica Specialist once a year.
  • all Nordica Fertility centres must act according to their national laws.

All working procedures concerning all levels of your infertility treatments are documented to assure high quality standards and to decrease the possibility of errors in the sensible treatment of your fertility.

Every successful pregnancy is dependent on our accuracy. For that reason we register and crosscheck all aspects of your treatment at every step in the process. This control also ensures the identity of your embryos, eggs, and semen.


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