Welcome to the FertilitySchool at Nordica in Copenhagen.

The aim

The aim of the Fertility School is to train professionals in the newest standards of treatment

and treatment modalities - artificial reproductive techniques.

The target areas are

1. introduction of new doctors, nurses and embryologists in the fertility field

2. brush up for trained professionals to sharpen their skills

3. special training in e.g. In Vitro Maturation



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  2. Feb 2009  X  
2. Mar 2009   X    
 20. Apr 2009   X complete   
25. May 2009    X     





The In Vitro Maturation course is not scheduled yet. Please apply to be listed.  



Fee: 1.500 Euro for the course at the Fertility School. 

This includes lunch, all items used in the lab and in the clinic.

Transportation, food and accommodation is not included.

The fee is to be paid to the Nordica bankaccount, wihich will be informed with the confirmation of your



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Venue for this Fertility School.

Nordica Fertility School,

Copenhagen Denmark.

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