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Auditory Steady State Responses - ASSR

ASSR is a new test used to confirm a hearing loss in children who fail an OAE test.

The ASSR gives a frequency specific audiogram of the hearing levels of children.

ASSRThis test does not require that the child is asleep, but the child has to be calm. The skin is cleaned on the forehead and on the earlobes. Electrodes are placed over the clean surface. Headphones are placed over the ears and sound is transmitted to the patient. The electrodes measure the response of the hearing nerve to the sound.

The test is completely painless, but if the child is uncooperative may require that medication be given to cause the child to relax. The test is completely safe.

With a normal hearing a normal audiogram will be obtained. With hearing loss the audiogram will reflect the degree of hearing impairment.

The ASSR test is fully computerised and results are obtained within minutes and are interpreted by the doctor.


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