Guidance to foreign patients

Approximately one third of all couples who receive treatment at The Nordica Fertility Clinic come from abroad – primarily from Norway and Sweden.

Therefore, we have chosen to produce a small guide that gives a step-by-step overview of the course of treatment for foreign patients.

What is essential about this form of treatment is the fact that you only need to come to Denmark once during your treatment.

  1. If you want to hear more about your possibilities of receiving treatment at Nordica, please contact us by phone or mail. You can reach us between 10am and 1pm on all weekdays at phone number +45, or send us an e-mail, in which you tell us briefly about your situation, age, previous examinations and whether you've had any treatment. It is a good idea to already have your previous medical journals ready in order to speed up the process of the new treatment.
  2. Based on your medical journals and an interview over the phone, we will plan your further course of treatment in consultation with you.
  3. Next we will send you:
    • A treatment guide
    • A plan of stimulation
    • Relevant prescription
    • A statement of consent, which needs to be signed and returned to us
  4. We will then ask you to call your own gynaecologist or one of the consulting gynaecologists in your area that Nordica is already cooperating with. We will ask you to book an appointment with the gynaecologist for your first scan.
  5. Every time you've been scanned, the gynaecologist will notify Nordica directly and we will plan what will happen next and, furthermore, we will follow your course of treatment closely.
  6. When the time for the egg aspiration by IVF treatment or insemination by IUI treatment approaches, a new appointment for a consultation at Nordica in Copenhagen will be booked. You can either book an appointment for consultation directly with Nordica or you can notify your gynaecologist, who will then contact you.
  7. At IVF treatment you must remain in Denmark for 2-3 days. On day 1 we will aspire the eggs and fertilize them in the laboratory. On day 1-2 the eggs will divide. On day 2 or 3 the egg/eggs are ready to be transferred back into the uterus for further development. At treatment with insemination you must remain in Denmark for 1-2 days, depending on whether we choose to inseminate for one or two days in a row.
  8. We will ask you to do a disposable pregnancy test after a fortnight and call us with the result.

Should you have any questions, you are naturally always very welcome to call us at +45.



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