Men’s fertility

Test how your lifestyle and medical history is an indication of your fertility. The result of this test is informative only. If you are experiencing problems becoming pregnant, you should visit your doctor/gynecologist.

Test yourself – see how your lifestyle and history affect your fertility.

Have you had non-descended testicles?

Have you had the mumps?

Have you had chlamydia or gonorrhea?

Have you had chemotherapy or radiation treatment?

Are you exposed to excessive fluctuations in temerature - such as long and frequent saunas, work in a warm climate, or from wearing tight-fitting pants?



Progress with PGD for Sickle Cell prevention
Studies in Denmark and Belgium.

Good IVF success rates after single embryo transfers
Transferring one IVF embryo, followed by a second, is almost as likely to result in a pregnancy as transferring two at a time.

IUI workshop
At University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital

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