All couples that want to be treated at Nordica will have a preliminary consultation with the doctor.

This consultation is free and completely non-committal.

Your consultation with the doctor and the nurse is an important part of your fertility treatment. You can safely ask questions, and we will give thorough explanations and hand out further relevant material about your treatment.

Our common goal is to make you pregnant. The preliminary consultation with us is an important step in that direction. In co-operation with you we work out your treatment. We show consideration for your infertility problem and your wishes as regards the treatment. Already at the preliminary consultation we will start looking for the causes of your infertility. We will explain the treatment step by step, the possible side effects you might experience and the estimated costs involved in your treatment.

It is important that we together make sure that you are well informed about your fertility treatment. Throughout the entire treatment we will of course follow-up on any of your questions.

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