Progress with PGD for Sickle Cell prevention

Danida, a Danish Government organization has kindly awarded our Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) expert, Mr. Chris Danga, scholarship to obtain further training in Copenhagen, Denmark and Brussels, Belgium. Chris is in Europe at the moment and should have our PGD research center up and running before the end of 2004, with support and collaboration from Nordica International, Herlev University and Danida in Denmark. The whole idea is to weed out the sickle cell gene by making sure that couples that are both AS do not have SS children. Part of the research is to generate stem cells in Abuja, which can be used to treat existing sicklers to make sure they do not suffer the crises.



Progress with PGD for Sickle Cell prevention
Studies in Denmark and Belgium.

Good IVF success rates after single embryo transfers
Transferring one IVF embryo, followed by a second, is almost as likely to result in a pregnancy as transferring two at a time.

IUI workshop
At University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital

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