Nordica prices and treatments

Prices are in Euro


(Includes ultrasound examination of stimulationand the 7th week of pregnancy)


Full Examination incl. blood tests, ultrasound, Smea and sperm

Euro 2485




Euro   1110

Contract on 3 standard IVF-treatments

(The offer concerns 3 completed treatments, i.e. treatments with egg aspiration and egg transfer;

the contract terminates with the birth of a living child.)


Euro 5125

Interrupted IVF-treatment

(i.e. treatment interruption before egg aspiration)


Euro  625



 examination in Copenhagen and procedure abroad


 Euro 5000


Supplementary payment in connection with IVF:

Micro insemination (ICSI)

Aspiration of sperm from the testis (TESA)

Assisted hatching (zona drilling)

Utilisation of donor sperm

Freezing and storage of sperm per year

Freezing of fertilized eggs

Transfer of thawed, fertilized eggs



Euro 550

Euro 625

Euro 425

Euro 125

Euro 160

Euro 425

Euro 625

Insemination treatment

(includes pregnancy test and ultrasound scan in 7th week of pregnancy)

Insemination with sperm from partner (IUIH) per day

Insemination with sperm from donor (IUID) per day



Euro 385

Euro 525


Examination for infertility


Water scanning (HSU)

Sperm analysis

Hormone analysis - each

Prenatal diagnostic

Placenta- or amniocentesis

Pregnancy scanning

Scanning of the neck

Euro 780

Euro 375

Euro 145

Euro   35


Euro 890

Euro 160

Euro 315


Prices are as of January 2005. We reserve the right for correcting printing errors and misprints.


NB! We draw the attention to the fact that some couples can receive the treatments mentioned above in the public hospital service. It is the couples own responsibility to examine this further.