Where to find Nordica IVF Fertility Clinic in Copenhagen:

(We treat infertile couples with fertility treatments like IVF, IUI, Insemination - also singles and lesbian with sperm donation and egg donation.

Nordica IVF Fertility Centre



E-mail: copenhagen@nordica.org


Telephone hours:
Weekdays between 8am-7pm
Weekend between 9am-12am



Transport from Kastrup: see www.rejseplanen.dk and add the adresses 'Lufthavnen udenrigs' and '**'. Time of transport is 45 minuts.



Nordica is situated in a pleasant neighbourhood close to public transport - both to Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup as well as the centre of the city.

  • Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup 13 km
  • The centre of Copenhagen 10 minutes
  • The trainstation 'Nørrebro st.' 100 m
  • Bus stop 20 m
  • Tivoli 4,5 km
  • The trainstation 'Nørreport st.' 3 km
  • Bella Center 10 km
  • Bakken 10 km


If you arrive by car we can offer parking right next to the clinic, free of charge in 2 hours. 

Here you can print a driver's guide to Nordica.


Bus and S-train

If you plan to arrive with public transport you will find that both the bus stop and the train station are situated very close to the clinic. Click here to view the easiest way to the clinic by bus and by train.

Below, busses to the clinic can be seen. These are 69, 4A, 5A, 171E and 350S, and all stops at Nørrebro station, right next to Nordica Fertility Centre.


Moreover, the S-trains, F and F+, go to Nørrebro station. Click here to view the train schedule.



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