There is not complete agreement on the effects of alcohol on fertility.

Some studies have not been able to show any effects from moderate alcohol consumption (less than 5 beers - or the equivalent in alcohol for other drinks - a week). A recent Danish study has however shown that even small amounts of alcohol considerably reduce a woman’s fertility. (See Figure 2.)




Figure 2 shows the relation between alcohol and fertility - fertility for a woman with the specified alcohol consumption as a percent of the fertility of a woman without any alcohol consumption.

Another comprehensive Danish study has shown that drinking the equivalent of 5 or more beers (or the equivalent in alcohol hereof) a week increases the risk of a miscarriage by 300% and the risk of stillbirth by 250%.

Our recommendation is: drink no more than 1 beer (or the equivalent in alcohol hereof) a day – but not every day.

Men’s alcohol consumption does not seem to play a major role as long as consumption is the equivalent of 10 beers or less a week.


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