Emotional aspects of IVF treatment

At Nordica Fertility Centre we are aware of the depth of emotions that patients feel before and on entering the any infertility programme. Our approach is holistic and we believe that infertility is a lot more than just a physical condition. There are a range of feelings associated with infertility and we pride ourselves on trying to assist patients deal with their emotions. We understand that being on an IVF program, with its requirements, can be a strenuous experience. Men and women often differ in their response to infertility and this can be stressful. We acknowledge this and aim to deal with these emotions accordingly. Some patients have excellent support systems in their home environment and other patients unfortunately not. Our motto is to individualize each patient, each couple and render emotional support accordingly. The clinic employs a full time social worker, who's fundamental purpose is to secure the emotional needs od all patients empathy, individualization and respect for the corner stones of our patient focussed philosophy. Our clinic also networks with other valuable service providers in order to provide a more holistic service.

This integrated approach means that our patients remain friends long after they have completed the program.


Patient-Support Group

This group has been set-up by patients in order to create a forum where people can meet others going through the same difficulties. The Centre provides organizational support. These sessions are organized in accordance with the needs of patients.



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