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The staff at Nordica Fertility Centre in Kampala with representatives from Nordica Int. in Denmark. Last visit was in September 2004.

The inability to conceive for a married couple has been well known for thousands of years. A well known recorded case is that of Abraham and Sarah in the Holy Bible.

However it is also well known that childlessness can cause a lot of heartaches, misery and sometime marital disharmony in some communities.

Thanks to God, that, since the birth of the first test tube baby Louise Brown in 1979 in the UK, by Steptoe and Edwards, tremendous advances of this new technology has helped many couples who would otherwise never have been able to conceive. By end of year 2002, there have been more than 1 million babies born worldwide using this technology.

It is with this in mind, we are introducing this science in our country Uganda and beyond our boundaries.

Until now, many of our patients who could afford it, have been making long journeys to go abroad for treatment because of the lack of this service within our country. As we all know, not only is it expensive in terms of time and money to travel and stay in hotels for weeks, but also, has deeper psychological implications associated with it especially when the results of such treatment cannot be guaranteed a 100%.

Therefore, having this service locally available will help so many couples that would never even have attempted, because of the cost involved. By introducing it in Uganda and within East Africa, not only will the cost be much reduced but also many of the stigmata's will be reduced tremendously.



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