FAQ about Nordica Fertility Centre


What test can be carried out at Nordica Fertility centres?

The anatomy of the man and the woman is thoroughly researched, blood tests are made, sperm analysis, and ultrasound scanning are carried out at Nordica clinics. Pregnancy and ovulation tests can also be carried out at any Nordica Fertility Clinic.


What treatments are offered at a Nordic Centre?

Treatment of an infertile couple includes both physical and emotional care. Nordica offers support from physicians and nurses. Personnel is educated and trained to help you cope with the various aspects of your situation. Further, we advise our patients to join the local patient support group.


How successful is infertility treatment?

Success of every type of fertility treatment depends on the individual couple. Comparable to normal fertility rates, effective treatment can be expected to have, on average, up to a 20% change of pregnancy per cycle of treatment. The treatment may therefore be repeated several times before pregnancy is achieved.


Are there any particular health risks for women undergoing infertility treatment?

Along with the intended benefits of the fertility treatment, drugs may on occasions cause side effects. Nordica strives to minimise any possible side effects of fertility treatments at Nordica.


Does the clinic offers storage facilities?

Yes, at Nordica we store both frozen semen and embryos.


Is there a waiting list for treatment?

There are no waiting lists at Nordica Fertility Centres. We treat you when you and your partner feel the time is right.


Will all treatment information be kept confidential?

Yes, all treatment information will be kept confidential. We want our patients to feel secure in their treatment and in the way their information on their situation is handled.


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