You will be tested for pregnancy 14 days after embryo transfer.

If you are pregnant you, your partner, and your Nordica specialist will discuss what happens next.

The early pregnancy is, like any early pregnancy, encumbered with the same risk as “normal” pregnancies. The only difference is that you know you are pregnant at an earlier stage than most couples. Empirically, we know that being pregnant after a fertility treatment is very happy news. We also know that many couples are concerned about the possibility of a miscarriage. Therefore, we talk with couples about these concerns. We also suggest that you make use of the online dialog on this site to ask questions and share your feelings with other couples in the same situation.

Unfortunately, not all treatments result in pregnancy. If the pregnancy test shows that you are not pregnant, we discuss your options with you. Together, we find out how Nordica can help you along to fulfil your dreams.




Progress with PGD for Sickle Cell prevention
Studies in Denmark and Belgium.

Good IVF success rates after single embryo transfers
Transferring one IVF embryo, followed by a second, is almost as likely to result in a pregnancy as transferring two at a time.

IUI workshop
At University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital

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