The Nordica Way to Fertility

Couple dreamingWe would like to be your choice when pregnancy is no longer in your hands.

We also know that choosing a fertility clinic is a difficult decision, because errors in treatment can jeopardize the possibility of pregnancy. Therefore, it is important that you seek treatment by an infertility specialist.

We want to make your treatment as pleasant and fruitful as possible. At Nordica we offer you an individual treatment plan – what we call the Nordica Way to Fertility. The Nordica Way to Fertility is a plan that guides you through all the steps involved in your treatment:

  1. Welcome meeting
  2. Consultation
  3. Examination
  4. Treatment 
  5. Pregnant?



Progress with PGD for Sickle Cell prevention
Studies in Denmark and Belgium.

Good IVF success rates after single embryo transfers
Transferring one IVF embryo, followed by a second, is almost as likely to result in a pregnancy as transferring two at a time.

IUI workshop
At University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital

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