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Medications are different. New research proves that Menopur is the only hormonal preparation with evidence of higher pregnancy rates. Ask your doctor what type of hormonal stimulation is prescribed in IVF.


Hormonal preparations are not all the same.Basically, there are two different types of hormonal stimulation to choose from. One is recombinant follicle-stimulating treatment, rFSH. The other is Highly Purified Human Menopausal gonadotrophins, HP-hMG, Menopur.


Both HP-hMG and rFSH products are used to induce the development of eggs and pregnancy in women who are able to produce and release eggs (ovulate). Research show, that women using HP-hMG preparations in IVF treatment have statistically higher pregnancy rates.


On the body’s own terms


The secret is the biochemical composition of HP-hMG in Menopur.


Menopur is naturally derived and consists of the hormones FSH as well as LH and hCG, similar to the natural hormonal composition in the pregnant female body.


These hormones in combination stimulate egg production, the maturation of eggs, timely ovulation, and uterine receptivity. This influences egg-quality positively, as well as the chance of successful pregnancy.


In IVF, pregnancy and birth rates are dependent on the quality of eggs and uterine receptivity. Menopur supports the natural biochemical process leading to pregnancy, improving the chance of pregnancy.


Menopur works on the body’s own terms.




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