Nordica Abuja prices and treatments

Prices are in Naira

IUI treatment

1st Cycle

2nd Cycle

3rd Cycle  



(Includes all consultations,counselling, blood samples, clinical monitoring,

Egg collection, laoratory fees, nursing care, embryo transfer and )



Clinical Monitoring

Egg Collection

Laboratory Fees

Nursing Care


Embryo Transfer





N 150.000

N 100.000

N   80.000


N 400.000  




N    70.000

N  120.000

N  110.000

N    30.000


N    70.000

N  400.000

2nd Cycle  


3rd Cycle 

N 350.000


N 250.000



Any of the following may be required in addition to the above treatment

Aspiration of sperm from the testis (TESA)

Sperm freezing

Embryo freezing per year

Assisted hatching (zona drilling)

Monitored cycle 

Embryo Recipient Cycle

Frozen Embryo Replacement

Cyst Drainage

Accomodation per day

(Private/Semi-Private respectively per day)


Prenatal diagnostic



N 50.000

N 20.000

N 50.000 

N 50.000 

N 50.000



N 30.000

N   4.000


* All payments must be made before treatment commences






* Payments for multiple cycles done at once, attracts 10% discount however, if this is not achieved additional payments to sum up for next discontinued cycle is not allowed.


* All payments do not include cost of medications, however cost of medications per IVF cycle ranges between N 150.000 to N 350.000.

For IUI the medications are N 100.000


* The prices on medications depend on the choice of medications and patient's age.
















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Studies in Denmark and Belgium.

Good IVF success rates after single embryo transfers
Transferring one IVF embryo, followed by a second, is almost as likely to result in a pregnancy as transferring two at a time.

IUI workshop
At University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital

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